Morrison Construction delivers significant community benefits across Scotland.
To ensure the long term success of our business goes beyond economic sustainability, the work we do in the community supplements our society as a whole.

In understanding the greater social and economic issues affecting our industry, including the skills shortages and youth unemployment, our continual objective is to support the development and growth of a skilled workforce over the longer term.

We recognise the importance of engaging with learners and are committed to improving the prospects of young people. Our approach is detailed in a programme of Employment Skills Plans (ESP) which in turn supports our Community Benefit delivery across all of our projects. These Plans provide a range of recruitment, training and educational opportunities that benefit local communities.

Outputs Are Achieved By:

Recruitment - Morrison Construction and our supply chain provide a range of employment opportunities, including professional, trainee, graduate, apprenticeships and direct labour opportunities.

Training - We assess the skills of every individual starting work on all of our projects and provide opportunities for development through education or work based training culminating in the achievement of industry standard qualifications.

Education- We link the educational curriculum and training to employment opportunities as a key deliverable. This provides meaningful learning experiences and gives every individual the opportunity to put this into practice in a work environment.


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