Modern business practices are essential for us to get the best out of our people. Not only do we conform to the highest standards, but we continue to develop the way we work to and remain at the forefront of the industry.

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Our business adopts LEAN management principles to ensure that we are doing the right thing at the right time and we adopt a stringent project selection process that ensures we pick the work where our dedication to quality and collaboration counts.

The innovative nature of our business initiatives is illustrated by the examples below, which we believe give us a significant advantage in delivering for our clients and wider stakeholders.


Agile and Smart Working

As part of our commitment to being a people-orientated business, we focus on providing modern working conditions, adopting modern technology through our Smart Working programme, and bringing flexible working patterns into construction sites, not just offices, through our Agile Working initiative.

Challenging Beliefs

Our award-winning Challenging Beliefs Affecting Behaviour health and safety initiative sets a gold standard for our teams, providing high quality training and a focused approach. Through our network of health and safety coaches, the messages of the Challenging Beliefs programme are adopted and absorbed on a daily basis, ensuring that our health and safety performance stands comparison with the very best practice in the industry.

Delivering Excellence

Our Delivering Excellence programme is designed to set challenging targets on each of our projects, providing clients with a high-quality assurance and our teams with goals that generate genuine pride in a job well done when they are achieved. This series of matrices allow us to be judged on our performance and create a greater opportunity for collaboration, dialogue and innovation that drives standards upwards.

Advantage through Alignment

Advantage through Alignment is a unique initiative devised by our business which goes beyond pure collaboration with our supply chain, into a much deeper relationship. Through a programme of support, training and education, we align our suppliers and subcontractors with our working practices, our values and our vision. This deeper understanding creates greater efficiencies and opportunities for innovation, as well as upskilling workforces and allowing the SMEs we work with to grow.