Morrison trainees helping Scottish Water achieve green ambitions

Topic People

Date 08 Feb 2022

Morrison Construction graduates and trainees are helping transform Scotland’s drinking and wastewater by playing a critical role in delivering one of Scotland’s biggest capital investment infrastructure.

As part of our Environment business’ appointment to Scottish Water’s DV2 framework, graduates and trainees are contributing to delivering industry-leading innovation, efficiency and lower carbon initiatives, while supporting a sustainable supply chain.

Works will focus on ensuring Scottish Water delivers net zero emissions by 2040 by building network capacity to cope with changing weather patterns, delivering excellent quality drinking water, and protecting the environment. It will include, refurbishment and replacement of treatment plants and networks, covering mechanical, electrical, engineering, civil engineering, construction, and maintenance services across Scotland.

Freya Chapman, Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Morrison Construction said: “One of the reasons I applied for this graduate scheme was knowing how important the work to be carried out actually is. Water is a key to all our lives and is needed by us all to function day to day and yet it’s something we never really think about. I was impressed by the green targets both Morrison Construction and Scottish Water have set and am really excited to be a small part of that.”

The roles will allow the individuals to gain on-the-job skills and help contribute to a flourishing Scotland in terms of growing a skilled future workforce.

For Ian McShane, a trainee Quantity Surveyor with Morrison Construction, it also signifies a step change in direction for his career.

Ian commented: “I played football professionally for many years, but the time had come for me to do something else. I always liked maths at school and I started as a trainee quantity surveyor position.

“I was really happy when I found out I’d be working on Morrison Construction’s projects for Scottish Water. More and more we hear about climate change and the impact it is having, we don’t have time to wait and need to do all we can as quickly as we can and I am glad to be part of that.”

Trainee Civil Engineer, Morrison Construction Emma Philbin, said: “When some people think of civil engineers they think of buildings and building up the way and things you see, but there is so much under the ground vital to our lives. All the planning and preparation that goes into projects is so important and then there is the environmental aspect, ensuring we are using the most appropriate methods and products to be as green as possible. It’s a great feeling to be part of something that is helping people and communities, even the country, to thrive.”

Paul Ingham, Morrison Construction Operations Director for Scotland, commented: “Our DV2 partnership with Scottish Water is a hugely exciting opportunity for us to contribute to our shared goals for sustainability and a net zero carbon future. We look forward to utilising the continued engagement and enhancement of our apprentice and graduate trainee schemes in bringing new skills and digital technologies to transform our capabilities, supporting our own ambition in being a greenest construction partner to Scottish Water.”