Morrison Construction pioneers the use of new electric excavator

Topic Carbon, Environment

Date 02 Aug 2020

Galliford Try’s Environment business has furthered the Group's commitment to low-carbon construction by pioneering the use of electrically-powered construction machinery, piloting a battery-powered excavator at the Morrison Construction site in Winchburgh.

The JCB 19c operates with zero emissions, and is an important step forward in construction plant. The pilot at Winchburgh proved that it achieved like-for-like performance with a diesel-powered equivalent, and only required a single charge for a full working day.

The introduction of this machinery is an important step towards carbon reduction in the future, while also achieving a safer and more environmentally-friendly working environment, by eliminating gases, reducing noise levels and reducing trailing cables.

Stephen Slessor, Managing Director of Morrison Construction Water, commented: “We were delighted to be able to prove the concept of electrically-powered plant being a viable alternative to diesel power. As we go forward, electric power is clearly the way to assist in reducing carbon from construction and we will be looking to exploit this even further as the technology continues to mature and develop.”