Morrison Construction adopts carbon calculator to assist net zero strategy

Topic Carbon, Sustainability

Date 14 Jan 2022

Morrison Construction is adopting the One Click LCA carbon calculator tool to help meet its net zero carbon commitments, a key part of parent group Galliford Try's Sustainable Growth Strategy.

Digital tools such as this calculator will play an invaluable role in assisting the business to achieve its targets of reaching net zero carbon emissions from its own operations by 2030, and across all construction activities by 2045.

The new tool, the first phase of a wider roll out of carbon calculator tools, will allow the business to integrate carbon calculation with its BIM strategy and suite of digital tools, assisting both project teams and the group-wide Carbon Reduction Working Group to bring real focus and value to our clients and projects in carbon management and reduction. 

The One Click LCA tool is an automated life-cycle assessment software that helps calculate the carbon involved across the full life cycle of a project and reduce the environmental impacts of buildings and infrastructure.

Poppy Parsons, Galliford Try’s Low Carbon Construction Lead, commented: “Having an integrated strategy that utilises the best tools available is critical to monitoring and lowering the amount of carbon generated by our projects. By having a clear idea of where we are and where we need to be, we can work together with our clients and supply chain to ensure a more sustainable future for our construction activities on our journey to net zero.”