Adobe Sign rollout transforming Morrison Construction business

Topic Innovation

Date 18 Oct 2021

Morrison Construction is transforming its business processes by utilising Adobe Sign for subcontractor agreements and other processes, increasing productivity and delivering sustainability benefits.

The business has adopted the software that enables firms to securely use electronic signatures, enabling cloud-based management of contractual processes.

Each project alone typically has up to 50 of these contracts, running to over 500 pages in length that had to be printed, with multiple signatures necessary for completion. Now the contracts can exist solely electronically, with physical copies and the attendant signatures no longer required.

Across the Galliford Try group, the business estimates that employees have already saved up to 4,500 hours annually, allowing them to focus more on value-adding tasks as a result of no longer having to prepare contracts, with the cost savings from the reduction in paper usage alone totalling over £25,000.

With the business targeting Zero Carbon across its operations by 2030, the carbon savings have already reached 50,000kg through the initiative.

Mark Cotton, Chief Information Officer for Galliford Try, commented: “We have been one of the first adopters of Adobe Sign and I am delighted that we are now using it across all of our business.

“Using Adobe Sign has already saved us significant time and money and has reduced risks associated with our supply chain contracts. The partnership with Adobe is an excellent example of how our programme of digitalisation within the business is making us more efficient and helping us achieve our 2030 carbon targets.”

You can read the full case study at the Adobe website here.