Health and Safety

Nothing we do is so important that we cannot take the time and effort to do it safely.

Health and safety is of paramount importance and the company is committed to a policy that manages all aspects of health, safety and welfare. 

Our OHSAS 18001 certified health and safety management system makes sure that processes are followed to minimise risk, but it is our ‘Challenging Beliefs, Affecting Behaviour’ scheme that truly embeds safety into the core of our culture.

Strategic approach

The Health, Safety and Sustainability Director coordinates the business' strategic approach to health and safety by defining and implementing company-wide initiatives and incorporating them into an annual Health, Safety and Sustainability action plan. The Health, Safety and Sustainability Director is supported by around 50 health, safety and sustainability professionals.

Recent strategic initiatives include the implementation of a two hour ‘Leadership Update' course for our award-winning Challenging Beliefs, Affecting Behaviours scheme (see below for more information).

Other activities include the introduction of random and ‘for cause' drug and alcohol testing on all employees and other people working on our behalf.

Health and safety performance is directly linked to the bonus payments for directors and executives, and serious incidents incur pre-defined deductions.

Health & safety management system

Our health and safety management system sets out the core standards employees and subcontractors on site must follow. The safety credentials of our suppliers and subcontractors are scrutinised before they are chosen, and we maintain the skills and awareness of all staff through training tailored to individual roles (as set out in our training matrix). Key supply chain supervisors are involved in creating our four-weekly site safety plans and Galliford Try employees with safety critical roles, for example those at high risk of hearing damage, vibrations etc, are given regular health screenings.

To monitor the performance of our safety, health and management system our dedicated Health, Safety and Sustainability team carries out inspections on every site, every month, and completes regular internal audits. These are complemented by a number of independent assessments from clients and certifying bodies as well as numerous director visits. The outcomes from these evaluations are included in a monthly report to our executive board, which is also distributed to all business units and made available to each management team and operating site.

Challenging Beliefs, Affecting Behaviour

This specially designed behavioural safety programme equips all employees, as well as our subcontractors, with psychology-based mechanisms and tools to create a truly safe culture.

These tools include safe behaviour discussions, site-based safety forums involving  subcontractors and employees, known as ‘No Accident Behaviour' discussions, shutdown days, safety charters and safety recognition schemes. Repeated use and exposure to these tools increases a natural response of safer behaviour.

It is the role of the Challenging Beliefs, Affecting Behaviour Coaches to promote and monitor use of the behavioural safety toolkit on site, supported by the Health, Safety & Sustainability team. To equip our employees and supply chain with the skills to deliver Challenging Beliefs, Affecting Behaviour we run a one-day leadership course aimed at junior management right up to executive level and a two-day coaching course for those with front-line supervisory roles.

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