The Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

The new Royal Infirmary Edinburgh and University Medical School was one of the largest construction projects undertaken in Scotland when completed.

Client: Lothian University Hospitals Trust
Value: £221 million
Location: Edinburgh

The design ensured the total integration of the many user groups needs with the design and the operation processes of the new hospital.

The aim of this integrated approach with the construction and operation teams was to achieve a minimum whole life approach that delivered best value for money, minimised disruption and satisfied the requirements of the end user whilst overcoming the major challenge of affordability.

This challenge to affordability was met by utilising a number of surplus sites for redevelopment, namely the dental hospital (refurbished to create high quality flats), the city hospital (with 37 conserved buildings all refurbished for residential use) and the Princess Margaret Rose Hospital (including three listed buildings being refurbished for residential accommodation).

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