Kemnay Academy

Over an 18-month period, Morrison Construction added an extension to this 1970s secondary school and completely refurbished existing buildings. The project was during a live environment with 750 pupils and 100 members of staff.

Client: Aberdeenshire Council
Value: £12.3m
Location: Aberdeenshire

The aim of the project was to design and construct a two-storey extension to the school to improve teaching and office provision and to refurbish the existing buildings to bring them up to a similar standard of those in the new facility.

An entirely new services infrastructure was also introduced, including natural gas in place of LPG and the introduction of a biomass boiler. In addition to the works to the school buildings, we undertook extensive playground landscaping and re-configured the roads infrastructure surrounding the school.

To allow the school to carry on as usual we set up temporary accommodation to relocate classrooms and offices while existing areas of the school were demolished. We also timed the most disruptive work, such as demolition and extensive electrical, mechanical and some refurbishment works, during the summer holidays.

The new extensions were built at the side and rear of the school, with the live areas of the school segregated from the construction works by full height screens.

"As you can imagine, undertaking extensive refurbishment work while keeping a school running with 750 pupils plus 100 staff is not an easy task. I can honestly say that Morrison Construction has been great to work with at all levels. Decanting classrooms, refurbishing these rooms and then moving classes back takes a great deal of planning and discussions and whatever the issue, Morrison Construction has always been accommodating. Communications were excellent at all levels and all requests to change or amend programmes at short notice have been done willingly and to the benefit of all."

Colin Shand, Deputy Rector at Kemnay.

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