Snow White themed sensory facility built for Crosshouse Primary pupils

Rain didn’t dampen spirits when the doors to a new sensory facility at Crosshouse Primary School in Kilmarnock were recently opened to provide a calming sanctuary for pupils with communications disorders and autism.

Published: 27 September 2017
Capability: Building
Market: Communities

The Crosshouse Sensory Room took just 40 hours to be built by Modern Apprentices from Morrison Construction’s supply chain and East Ayrshire Council as part of the annual Ayrshire Chamber Modern Apprenticeship Challenge 2017.

The Snow White and Seven Dwarfs themed facility, already nicknamed the ‘Happy Hive’ by pupils, is estimated to be worth £30,000 in donated labour and materials.

The 19 Modern Apprentices named the ‘Hi Ho team’ designed and sourced materials for the project under the guidance of experienced tradespeople.

The facility includes a wooden cabin equipped with sensory lights and comfortable seating, which opens onto a landscaped garden featuring seven dwarf flower beds. 

Pupils, teachers, parents, the Modern Apprentices, along with representatives from Morrison Construction, our supply chain and East Ayrshire gathered for the opening event.

At the opening, Morrison Construction Community Skills Manager Jim Johnstone, said:

'Morrison Construction has a progressive community initiative programme and the Crosshouse Sensory Room is just one of the many local initiatives being carried out throughout the country by our employees.

'Our team, which included local apprentices from East Ayrshire Council and our supply chain, have completed the room within just one week. The end result is incredible and it's great to see the children having so much fun in their new facilities.

'We are very proud to be part of this project; it has been incredibly rewarding for all involved and we hope it will continue to be an asset for the local community.'

East Ayrshire Council Depute Provost Claire Leitch said:

'The Ayrshire Chamber Apprentices Challenge is all about getting young people to work together and it's certainly worked in this case - with the Hi Ho team pulling in favours and sponsorship, materials and other Modern Apprentices from many local companies. And we can only thank all those sponsors and helpers for joining in so enthusiastically, and of course the amazing Margorie Harvie, from East Ayrshire Council’s Employability Team, whose efforts to pull it all together and conquer all the obstacles along the way have been truly heroic.

'I'm sure everyone who took part benefited from the experience, with a new understanding of team work, what's possible if we think outside the box, problem solving and the sense of achievement to be gained by doing something really positive to help others.

'For the pupils of Crosshouse Communications Unit, their teachers and parents, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and I hope all the trainees involved will move on from this with new skills, confidence and the knowledge that they can be very proud of everything they've achieved. We wish them lots of luck with the presentation to the board, and whatever happens in the actual competition, we all know what stars they are!'