Morrison Construction installs Grace’s Signs at £32m school project

Morrison Construction has shown support for the Grace’s Signs campaign, installing the accessible toilet sign at the new £32m West Calder High School project in West Lothian.

Published: 14 June 2018
Capability: Building
Market: Communities

The campaign’s namesake, 13-year-old Grace Warnock toured the new school, where 20 of the signs have been installed.

The new school, due to open its doors in August, is West Lothian Council’s single biggest investment in education and is being delivered by its development partner Hub South East, with Morrison Construction its main contractor.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of nine, Grace developed the sign after being criticised for using disabled toilets.

The sign depicts two people with hearts with a wheelchair in the centre, symbolising ‘invisible disabilities’ that may not always be obvious.

Since the beginning of the campaign Grace’s Signs have been adopted in various locations across Scotland and abroad including Holyrood and Edinburgh International Airport.

Morrison Construction Senior Design Manager, Allan Smith, said:

‘‘After learning about Grace’s Signs we are more than happy to support the campaign.

‘‘West Lothian Council approached us about the possible use of Grace’s Signs on the project to create the most inclusive school we could, benefitting pupils of all abilities who required accessible toilet facilities.

‘‘We are currently planning a wider use and have plans to install the signs at our Wallyford Primary School project in East Lothian.’’

Grace, who travelled from Prestonpans in East Lothian where she lives to visit the West Calder High School site, said:

‘‘I really enjoyed taking the tour around the new school and seeing my sign already up on doors. I want to help teach other school children about invisible disabilities so I am excited that Morrison Construction will use my signs in two schools they are building.’’

West Calder High School Headteacher Julie Calder joined Grace on her tour of the school and said:

“We are delighted that Grace’s Signs will be installed at the new state-of-the-art West Calder High School.

“It will help remind our pupils that disabilities aren’t always clear, and help promote a considerate and inclusive community across the school.”

Richard Park, Hub South East’s Operations Director added:

“We’re delighted that through the West Calder High School project we are able to support Grace’s Campaign. Grace is an inspiring young person so it seems very fitting that her signs will be displayed in this new inspiring learning space.

“We’d like to congratulate Grace on her campaign and we look forward to seeing her signs in other facilities across the country in the future.”