Shetland Gas Plant

Morrison Construction managed the construction of major Infrastructure works at the Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) between July 2011 and December 2015.

Client: Petrofac on behalf of TOTAL
Value: £160m
Location: Sullom Voe

The SGP will process gas from the new Laggan - Tormore gas fields being developed by TOTAL, located 150km to the NW of Shetland. When fully operational in May 2016, the SGP will supply 8 per cent of the UK’s gas requirements for the next 30 years. Infrastructure works carried out at the SGP included the following:-

  • All concrete foundations for process plant and associated equipment, building and shelter internal grade slabs, external concrete and gravel hardstandings, gravel flare blanket and perimeter security fence foundations.
  • Approx. 39,000m3 of structural and general concrete placed between July 2011 and September 2015 to 3,500 individual reinforced concrete foundations. 65% of this total concrete volume (25,350m3) supplied from a site based batching plant, in order to accommodate major individual concrete foundation pours up to 550m3 for each of the three HP compressor units. The balance of concrete was provided through the local Shetland supply chain.
  • The construction of 4km of plant access roads and 2.8km of Category 2 perimeter security fence. The latter included associated security camera foundations / cable duct installation around the fence line perimeter, together with the construction of a separate patrol road parallel to the fence line using floating road methodology across deep peat.
  • Excavation and backfilling for 1,000km of electrical cables and 30km of pipework site wide.
  • Design and construction of gatehouse, administration and warehouse/workshop buildings, including final fit out and installation of M&E systems, together with Building Warrant procurement.
  • The construction of 33 structural steel industrial buildings complete with coated steel cladding, forming weatherproof maintenance shelters at key process plant locations site wide.
  • Between July 2011 and March 2014 inclusive, we recorded 2,375,382 hours without a LTI (1,049 RIDDOR/LTI free days). Our final AFR was 0.112 which was recorded on 18December 2015, for a total of 3,575,520 hours worked.
  • A TOTAL safety audit at the SGP recorded the best ever scores worldwide for a live TOTAL construction project.

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